New Year, New Home Remodel Project?

    What new home remodel project might you undertake this new year? 

    That's not to say you have to take on something big. Small projects are good for the soul, too. And they usually need to happen before you take on a big one.

    Regardless, here are ideas to think about if a home remodel project of some scope is in your future.


    Let's start small.

    Add Fresh Colorful Touches

    Consider adding fresh colorful touches to a room you spend time in. A flower arrangement, new candles, a throw and some cushions in a bright color palette can completely change how you perceive everything in that room. 

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    Fresh touches can also include fun tile shapes although that's a slightly bigger project.

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    Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

    If you're feeling more ambitious, you might tackle a paint job. For example, paint an entire wall in Living Coral or another bold color! New paint not only makes a colorful statement, but it also draws attention to architectural details. For example,

    • Paint ceilings a slightly lighter color than your walls to change the dimensions of the space.

    • Have fun creating patterns and shapes like stripes, chevrons and ombre effects using painter's tape.

    • Use traditional high-gloss white to paint door and window trims, baseboards and other details for crisp contrast with non-white wall paint.

    • If you have white walls, paint door and window trims and baseboards in a bold color to highlight architectural details.

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    De-Clutter Your Space

    Tidying up and de-cluttering has been in the news with helpful advice from Marie Kondo.

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    When it comes to the home, mindfully examining what's in your space and how you use space is beneficial. It can help you better understand what you will need in your home remodel project, so it truly creates joyful improvement. 

    Cleaning Your Carpet and Hardwood Floors

    Okay, so this topic isn't exactly the most uplifting. However, regularly and consistently cleaning your carpet and hardwood floors will benefit you and your floors. 

    Other (Smallish) Home Remodel Projects to Consider 

    What about updating your window coverings? Depending on the type of treatments, you have the opportunity to not only add color and style, but also privacy and even energy-efficiency. 

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    Aquatec-Provincial-FlooringIf you're feeling particularly ambitious and ready to tackle large home remodel projects, consider new flooring.


    If you're feeling particularly ambitious and ready to tackle large home remodel projects, here are ideas for you.

    What About New Carpet? 

    One of the easiest ways to dramatically change a room is by adding new carpet. First, it’s important to determine whether or not you'll be staying in your home or selling it. This will have a lot of bearing on your choices. However, if you plan to stay, it’s important to focus on what you really like, not so much what is current.

    Don't forget that if wall-to-wall carpet isn't your cup-of-tea, you can always create a custom rug.

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    Soft Carpet

    With today's new soft as silk yarn systems, state of the art stain resistance, and an endless selection of patterns, textures, and colors, carpet can transform any room from drab to dramatic.

    What About New Carpet?

    Patterned Carpet

    You'll find a wide range of patterns to choose from, including classic florals, contemporary motifs or geometric designs. A patterned carpet can act as the focal point of a room or can coordinate with your furniture and walls. Patterned carpets can also hide signs of soiling and wear.

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    Some thoughts about carpet colors:

    • Neutral shades are the most popular as it's easy to build a decorating scheme around them.

    • Light carpets make rooms appear larger, but they will show up the dirt more than darker carpets.

    • Consider warmer carpet colors - reds, oranges, yellows - in north-facing rooms that don’t get as much sun as south-facing rooms and tend to look colder and darker. 

    What About Updating Your Kitchen Backsplash?

    What About Updating Your Kitchen Backsplash?

    A backsplash project can totally transform your kitchen! And the possibilities are endless whether you prefer natural stone, ceramic tile, porcelain, mosaics or subway tile. Whereas backsplash tile styles used to be limited to 4x4 and 6x6 squares, or 3x6 subway tile, you'll find lots more options including interesting geometrics such as arabesque, hexagons, fishtails and more.

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    For ideas, check out the design guide:

    Explore Backsplash Design Ideas 
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    Don't Forget Your Bathroom

    While you're considering tile, what about a bathroom remodel project? With wood look plank tile, you can finally have wood floors in the bathroom without worrying about the effects of water. Or, perhaps you'd prefer bold decorative patterned tile?


    Try bold decorative patterned tile?

    Or maybe even marble?

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    All that to say that whether you're contemplating a small project or a bigger one for your home, you have wonderful possibilities.


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    Note: We originally published this article on January 30, 2019, and have updated it.

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