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    Longbow Oak COREtec Wood Flooring

    Longbow Oak

    COREtec Wood flooring belongs in the Multilayer Flooring category. However, it is also an engineered product with wood veneer.

    As COREtec explains,

    "Enjoy the natural grown beauty of hardwoods with the engineered resilience of COREtec. The hand formed mineral core gives you protection against exposure to moisture that will damage any other wood floor.

    Yet, once it’s installed, all you see is real, natural hardwood patterns. That’s the joy and peace of mind of a floor with natural beauty and engineered toughness. Designed by Nature, Perfected by COREtec."

    In fact, that's what makes COREtec Wood so exciting. As Janine explains in the brief 1-minute video below, those real, natural hardwood patterns mean that you have a completely unique custom floor.

    Here's a closeup of one of the COREtec wood styles where you can see the natural wood characteristics and patterns. You won't find any pattern repeats in this product.

    Here's a closeup of one of the COREtec wood styles where you can see the natural wood characteristics and patterns.

    What Makes Up COREtec Wood Flooring?

    COREtec Waterproof Wood Plank is made of several layers. 

    • The top layer consists of wood veneer

    • The middle features a super-rigid COREtec High Density Mineral Core for extra stability. This also prevents the expansion and contraction of wood veneer

    • On the bottom, you'll find an attached cork underlayment for a quieter, warmer floor that is naturally resistant to odor causing mold and mildew.

    In the image below, you can see the three layers and the tongue-and-groove construction.

    COREtec Waterproof Wood Plank is made of several layers

    What Are the Dimensions of COREtec Wood Planks?

    These planks are 12 mm thick, 7.56 Inches wide and 72 Inches long. Each carton includes 18.91 square feet of product.

    As you can see from the room scene installations, the end result is warm, rich and elegantly casual.

    Haven Oak COREtec Wood Flooring

    Haven Oak

    Where Can You Install COREtec Wood?

    This new COREtec product is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements. You can have it installed below grade, on grade as well as above grade level.

    You can also install it over tile, and it doesn't need acclimation before installation.

    If you have a 3-season room, you may want to select another option. Because of the rapid change in climate (temperature as well as humidity levels), the product isn't warranted.

    As a rule of thumb, aim for rooms where humidity levels remain between 25 to 55%.

    In terms of installation type, COREtec wood is a Direct Glue Only product.

    Robin Hickory COREtec Wood Flooring

    Robin Hickory

    What Kind of Warranties does COREtec Wood Flooring Come With?

    COREtec Wood comes with the following warranties:

    • Limited Lifetime Residential Wear

    • Limited Lifetime Commercial

    • Limited Lifetime Waterproof

    By the way, it is also GREENGUARD GOLD Certified.

    COREtec Wood Styles Available at Floor Decor Design Center

    You'll love the selection of Oak and Hickory styles available in COREtec Wood!

    Oak Selections

    You'll find eight oak options:

    • Asher Oak - a medium tone of oak pictured below

    • Salado Oak - medium toned

    • Wren Oak - light color range

    • Linden Oak - a light colored oak

    • Sylvan Oak - in a light gray color range

    • Haven Oak - in a medium gray color range

    • Longbow Oak - a rich dark oak - pictured above

    • Finn Oak - medium toned

    Hickory Selections

    In the Hickory category, you'll find the following eight options:

    • Sparrow Hickory in a medium gray

    • Falcon Hickory - rich and dark

    • Crane Hickory - a light tone

    • Afton Hickory - also dark with some lighter tones

    • Robin Hickory - a medium toned hickory pictured above

    • Fawn Hickory - dark

    • Kai Hickory - dark

    • Archer Hickory - in a medium tone pictured below

    Asher Oak COREtec Wood Flooring

    Asher Oak

    What Kind of Maintenance and Care Does COREtec Wood Require?

    As with all types of flooring, avoid sliding heavy furniture over your COREtec wood Floors.

    Also avoid mopping your floors with a bucket.

    Don't apply waxes or oil; they're not necessary.

    Don't vacuum your floors with rotating beater bars.

    To clean your floors, simply use a spray cleaner and wipe up with washable floor cleaning pad. Use a PH Neutral Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Sweep up dirt and dust before spraying down the cleaner.

    Do use furniture pads under heavy furniture.

    >> See Top Flooring Maintenance Tips for Carpet and Hardwood

    Archer Hickory COREtec Wood flooring

    Archer Hickory


    When you're ready to explore different styles of COREtec Wood flooring for your home, we invite you to visit one of our two showroom locations in Middletown or Orange

    Or, you can let me know of any questions in the comments or contact us.

    We look forward to helping you.

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