Why Hire a Designer?

    Why Hire an Interior Decorator or Designer?

    Below is a list of helpful tips to think about when you are considering hiring an interior decorator or interior designer.  By gathering your information and getting answers to your design questions, you will be able to make a more well-informed decision.  In addition to the formalities and technicalities of the designer’s expertise and experience, it is truly important that you establish a rapport with the person who will handle your home’s redesign.  Communication is the key to a successful collaboration!

    1 ~  A key reason to hire a professional is that you are hiring the expertise to prevent costly mistakes.  Most homeowners only redecorate once or twice in their lifetime. Hiring someone who has encountered problems over and over again will save money in the long run.

    2 ~ Problem solving ~ Hire a professional with the expertise in what you need.  Designers who are experts in color coordination, space planning, scale, and lighting will solve your problems for you. It is also the designer’s job to advise you on the best way to spend your money within the project, for the current phase as well as any future phases of the project.

    3 ~ Designers know the best workrooms and other professionals needed to get the best job done for you.  It is the designers job to follow through on every aspect of the job and ensure that everything has been completed to your satisfaction.

    4 ~ Access to the vast array of products out there is a time saving feature only available “to the trade”.  It is also the decorator’s responsibility to help you in the decision process.  His or her seasoned advice will steer you through the process.